Recording Fees

Recording Fees:

  • $300 per day (10 hours)
  • 8 hours of recording
  • 1 hour set up time throughout
  • 1 hour lunch/dinner
  • Can be split over two evenings
  • -or-
  • $50 per hour
  • *Recording Fees Include Studio Time and Engineering
  • ———————————————————————–
  • Mixing Fees:
  • $100 per song
  • ———————————————————————–
  • Practice Fees:
  • $20 per hour
  • -or-
  • $25 per hour with live recording


OWNER: Ryan Berkowsky B.S.; Environmental Science, S.U.N.Y. Buffalo Masters; Educational Technology, National University Educator; Earth Science, Biology, Hemet High Musician; Harmonica, percussions

Engineer: Kevan Wallace Drums associate program @ Musicians Institute (playing drums 10 years) Recording program @ Musicians Institute (recording, mixing, mastering, trained in pro tools), self-taught logic pro (recorded/mixing 5 years – recorded/mixed several genre’s including: blues, rock, country, rap, edm, metal etc.) Post Production program @ Musicians Institute (mixing for film, foley, and recording dialogue) Ran live sound at the vault in Temecula, CA Drum tech at Zenith studios in Temecula, CA

Designed by Ron Jones and Ryan Berkowsky Built by Ron Jones Professional Photos by Mike Garza Modeling by Jacquie Macias